Customer Email Solution for car dealers & bodyshops


Send high impact bespoke branded emails in seconds


Less telephone time, faster response, happier customers



About RedMailer

It happens every day in retail (hotels, flights, internet purchases, etc). You don't always get the purchase confirmation you expect. You don't get the reassurances and clarity of information you need at the right time within your customer journey. What could change that?
RedMailer is the online ONE2ONE email solution for your customer contact needs. We know you need a cohesive platform that can deliver bespoke and customer specific emails quickly, keeping your customers fully updated with professional correspondence that promotes the company image you want.
The result is less admin time, better informed advisors, happier customers and piece of mind with a reporting suite to allow you to monitor how both advisors and customers are engaging with your RedMailer System.


Fast Response

Red Mailer allows your advisors to send specific branded response emails to customer in under 10 seconds - keeping customers informed whilst maximising staff efficiently.

Branded Email Suite

Bespoke ONE2ONE email templates designed for your companies specific customer journey. Send customer bookings, assessment, progress reports and thank you feedback emails at the click of a mouse.


Visability of customer emails including sends, opens, click throughs and team and sender reporting

Customised Branded Emails Bespoke for your business

RedMailer default options are used to stream locations, provide auto reminders emails and has the ability to attach video and PDF files if required


Our pricing is based on your business specification. It will be clear with NO cost for singular email sends, nor size of your database.

RedMailer is unique, focusing on both ONE2ONE Customer Journey communications as well as sending volume marketing campaigns to your customers.

We can build additional Bodyshops or Dealerships locations into just one RedMailer system for you. We avoid duplication or distribution of costs across departments within a single business, so you don’t have to pay more than you need to.

Step 1
We will discuss and understand your business perspective
Step 2
Provide your specification and pricing clarity within a quote for approval
Step 3
We will design and build your company branded email suite and upload to the RedMailer system
Step 4
When ready to launch we will provide training, then once up-and-running you can track your progress via the admin reporting

What customers say?

I'm able to fit RedMailer in to my tasks very easily without it distracting me. What I really enjoy is that I can see if customers have read it. It saves time chasing people up. The biggest advantage is that I can send the initial appointment confirmation quickly while I am on the phone to them rather than inputting their information afterwards.

Holly Curwen, Customer Advisor - Road & Race Manchester

What customers say?

I love RedMailer. Once the customer details are entered at the start, it's so simple. Customers are reading and responding to emails we send. Our open rates are fantastic when you look at reporting, customers are opening straight away. We are receiving a lot more feedback direct from the customer.

Owen Jenkins – Motorvation Bridgend

What customers say?

The RedMailer system has been tailored for our business and to each Advisor, they love it as it delivers the integration look and feel

Natalie Pank, Customer Director - M&A Coachworks London

What customers say?

Red Mailer is a communication system that allows you to wrap your arms around the customer and show them that you care before and after their visit. For any new business looking to take this on, I would say that it removes number of the outbound call volume, provides brand clarity and customer reassurances

S Churchill - BMW/MINI Service Manager


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